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Webmasters, you may link to pages within our sites without seeking further permission.

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As our utility and popularity as a community webzine has grown, StateGuide has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of requests for links to related sites developed by others. We may participate in a RECIPROCAL link exchange if

  • the site is a significant destination information resource serving all our communities and/or all 50 states
  • the site is roughly equivalent to our site in traffic
Sorry, we do not offer free links to individual web sites (example: a local business), ''single site'' guides, or community tourism groups (Chamber of Commerce, TDA, CVB).

There are 5 reasons for this policy:
  1. We operate sponsored sites, i.e., we charge a fee for participating and referring our traffic and contacts to other sites. See Advertising On StateGuide for details.

  2. With approximately 4000 communities in our network and several THOUSAND web pages to maintain, we do not have the resources to patrol and maintain outside links.

  3. Because of the lack of editorial control, we have concerns that unsuitable content may be presented.

  4. Third party links often change without notice. At best, this leaves us with a broken link, but we sometimes find that an integral part of our site topic has vanished.

  5. Reciprocal links returning visitors to the appropriate section of StateGuide are not highly visible or are not maintained on the site.



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